• 24 hour front desk
  • Foreign Exchange
  • All rooms are non-smoking
  • Safety deposit box in room
  • All rooms have television, hairdryer and mini-fridge
  • Baby cots provided for all babies under 3years, or on request
  • Restaurant for breakfast and dinner
  • Pool bar for drinks and lunches
  • Comfortable lounge


All rooms have hairdryer, mini fridge, TV and air-conditioning included. Air conditioning in all rooms is free and is operated with the key fob.

There is a safe box in every room. The charge is €12 for one week plus a €20 deposit for the key.

We provide towels FOR THE ROOM but not for the beach. In order to save on luggage you can buy a good quality towel here in the hotel for the beach for €8.

Kettles are €1.50 per day

All room requests are noted and we will do our best to accommodate.

We are unable to guarantee any specific room but one can be requested and we will do our best. Most times we are able to allocate the requested room or view but can never promise.


We have two pools, an adult and a children’s pool.

Full safety instructions are posted around the pool area for your own protection

Pools are not in use from 7pm till 7am


The bar outside by the pool is used on most evenings.  You may be unwinding with a cocktail after a day sightseeing, meeting other residents and forging friendships, watching the entertainment, singing or dancing.

Occasionally, due to the weather, we may have to use the bar upstairs during the evening. Here you can sit comfortably inside or out on the veranda soaking up the wonderful view.


The acacia restaurant serves buffet breakfast and buffet evening meal.

There is a good selection of tasty food but if you have any dietary problems please speak with the chef to be sure of ingredients.

If you prefer to take your main meal during the day you can order from the three course menu in the Pool bar between mid-day and 5pm.


We can have rooms that we can accommodate your event

Contact us today for more details